Workshop on Signal Processing using MATLAB (16 March 2017)

Workshop on Analog and Digital Circuit -Design & simulation using ORCAD PSPICE (16 & 17 March 2017)

National Conference on Multidisciplinary Approach to Focus on Strengthening of Infrastructure (17 March 2017)

SERB, INSA and CSIR sponsored International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics (ICAMI 2017) (17 & 18 March 2017)

Hands on Training on PIC Microcontroller for Embedded Real Time Application Development (17 & 18 March 2017)

ISRO Sponsored National Seminar on Advances in Clean Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Solution to Energy Crisis (17 & 18 March 2017)

National Conference on Power, Control and Energy Monitoring (NCPCEM - 2017) (18 March 2017)

Workshop on Big data analytics with Apache SPARK (18 March 2017)

Workshop on Real-time Projects Design using PIC and ARM Controllers (18 March 2017)

6th National Conference on Challenges and Innovations in Information Technology (CIIT-2017) (23 March 2017)

Workshop on Digital System Design, Verification and Implementation Using FPGA (24 March 2017)

Workshop on ASP.NET : Web Programming for Beginners with C# (24 March 2017)

Indian Council Of World Affairs sponsored International Conference on India's Foreign Policy Transformation: Issues and Challenges (ICIFPT-2017)(30 and 31 March 2017)

Hands on Training on CMOS Circuit Design and Simulation (31 March 2017)

DBT Sponsored National Seminar on Smart Farm: Improving Agriculture Sustainability Using Environmental Conditions’ Big Data Management and Cloud Computing Analytics (31 March and 01 April 2017)

National Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation (NCMCA 2017) (21 April 2017)

ICMR sponsored seminar on Uses of Functional Materials in Healthcare (27 & 28 April 2017)

BRNS & CSIR sponsored International conference on Energy Environment and Advanced Materials for a Sustainable furute (ICEEAMSF-2017)( 23 & 24 May 2017)>/b>