List of Projects Granted Patents
Award no. and date of the patent
01. Automatic Gas Stove ECE No.219187, dt.25.04.08
02. Polymorphic Keyboard for Physically Handicapped ECE No.219748, dt.13.05.08
03. Mecha–Duster Mechanical Engineering. No.219747, dt.13.05.08
04. Complete Mineralization of a Model Pollutant over modified TiO2 immobalised on Cylindrical Glass Reactor Chemical Engineering No.211890, dt.13.11.07
05. Smart Fish Tank Mechanical Engineering No.210082, dt.17.09.07
06. Self Tracking Solar Panel Electrical & Electronics Engg. No.212165, dt.26.11.07
07. Electronic Level using Sensors Civil Engineering No.220419, dt.28.05.08
08. Foldable Shoe Mechanical Engineering No.229355, dt.17.02.09
09. Locker Control System using Mobile Phone IT No.231152, dt.03.03.09